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         A young girl lived in a beautiful little house. One day when she was sweeping the floor she found a coin. She said " Whit this coin I'm going to buy a red bow for my hair and I'll lokked beautiful,,".
         It was true she bought the one and she looked beautiful with the red bow on her hair. She set next to the window. So , that everybody could she her. The first boy passed by her.

        " Little mouse you do looked pretty "
        " What will you do marry me ?" asked the young boy.
        " What will you do at night ? " asked the girl then
        " I will bray like this. Neigh......neigh.....neigh.... " Said the boy.
        " Oh , no I will be frighten . " Said the little mouse

Then the other boy passed by the little mouse.

       " Little mouse will you do marry me? " Asked the boy
       " What will you do at night ? " Asked the girl.
       " I will bark like this. ghugh..ghugh..ghuhg." Said the young boy and his barked
       " Oh , no I will get frighten." said the girl

Finally , The third boy passed by the little mouse.

       " little mouse you do lokeed very beautiful"
       " what will you do marry me?" said the young boy
       " What will you do at night?" Asked the girl then
       " I will sing beautiful song for you. meow..meow..meow.meow.meow.. You no me so well!!! girl I need   
         you....girl I heart you.." Said the young boy and his sing a beautiful song.
      " Oh,,, so sweet. Yes,yes!! I will marry you." Said the girl

However on their wedding night , guess what... the boy didn't sing his beautiful song but he ate the Vain little mouse.

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